16 June 2016

Cross-Application SIEM Position is Well-Focused

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The following post by Trigyn appeared on Monster. The job title as advertised: "Security Analyst (SIEM / Security Log-specific Design) at Trigyn Technologies Inc."


• Role is to engage approximately 35 high priority App/Technology owners, and:• Identify log generation and collection build requirements for their application/service-specific logs• Identify log generation and collection build requirements for any of their technology/infrastructure-specific logs that have somehow been missed in the current infrastructure log collection activity• Identify data fields & example values for the content of their logs (log-specific data dictionary)• Provide application on-boarding prioritization recommendations, based upon:• Available capacity in SIEM environment vs. log capacity/build requirements for their application(s)• Timeline to log availability• Identify Security Monitoring detection/alerting use cases of specific value to at least 4 Tier I Applications.

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