About the Ratings

Position Description Evaluations 

Positions collected by or submitted to knowledgegigs.info are evaluated on these dimensions:

  • Computing Assets Specific software provided by the organization to support knowledge-related duties, e.g., ontologies, intranets, metadata, catalogs, third party software. Access to third party databases, including reference libraries, bibliographies and respositories. 
  • Model Descriptions Descriptions provided for abstract models required to perform the duties of the position. 
  • Collaboration Anticipated collaboration assistance anticipated within the probable workgroup of coworkers, peers, customers and vendors. 
  • Mission Relevance Relevance of the position to the overall mission of the organization. External 
  • Citations References to standards, content, or knowledge frameworks used outside the organization. 
  • Discovery Burden  Estimated effort to perform knowledge discovery for the particular domain given the tools, experience requirements and other disclosures about the position
  • Qualifications Relevance of the stated qualifications to the activities described for the position.
  • Domain Specificity The extent to which the knowledge-related challenges of the position are connected to specific dimensions of the domain. 
  • Overall Quality An estimate of the overall quality of the position description. 
Examples of good vs. poor examples from real position descriptions will be provided to this post over time.

The ratings opinions are represented in a standard chart as shown in the example below.

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